Why travellers love Campos do Jordão


Campos do Jordão is one of the top trending travel destinations in 2018. We asked international globetrotters what they love about this European-style city, high in the mountains of Brazil.


The green valleys of Campos do Jordão

The green valleys of Campos do Jordão

Surrounded by lush forest and the breathtaking Mantiqueira Mountains, Campos do Jordão is a paradise for nature lovers. Travellers prepared to hike the rocky trails will be rewarded with views of the region’s endangered Paraná pine trees. Visit in spring to experience the city covered in blooming, pastel-hued hydrangeas.

Other outdoor activities include mountain climbing, horse riding and motorbike riding. For a more leisurely day out, take the tree-top cable car and get a close-up view of the Atlantic Forest canopy. Book a room at alpine-style Hotel Toriba for spectacular forest views.


Try a chocolate-sprinkle covered brigadeiro

Try a chocolate-sprinkle covered brigadeiro

The high altitude of Campos do Jordão means that the city has a lower-than-average temperature for Brazil. As a result, many of the country’s chocolate factories set up here, and today the city is full of chocolatiers and speciality shops.

Traditional Brazilian chocolate and cocoa-based drinks are everywhere, alongside rich Belgian and Swiss-style chocolate truffles. Guests at the Pousada Telhado de Ouro will find themselves within easy walking distance of one of the city’s longest running chocolate shops – Toco Chocolates.


The Capivari neighbourhood in Campos do Jordão

The Capivari neighbourhood in Campos do Jordão

One of the first thing you’ll notice upon entering the centre of Campos do Jordão is how European it feels. This is partly down to the buildings, which frequently draw inspiration from Swiss chalets and German inns. Nowhere is this more evident that at the Boa Vista Palace.

Once the winter residence of a local politician, the building was designed in the style of European palaces, and houses hundreds of artefacts from the city’s colonial era. Stay nearby at the Castelo Nacional Inn.


Dawn at the Mantiqueira Mountains

Dawn at the Mantiqueira Mountains

With the glorious scenery and constant supply of chocolate, it’s easy to see why travellers recommend Campos do Jordão for romantic trips.

Remember that tree-top cable car we mentioned? Well, the views are worth the trip on their own, but it runs from Capivari to the top of Morro do Elefante, where you’ll find a boating lake, horse carriage rides and glorious sunsets.

Looking for somewhere romantic to stay during your trip? Travellers who endorsed Campos do Jordão for romance loved the Hotel Serra da Estrela.

Fine dining

Roast boar neck

Roast boar neck

There’s a lot more to Campos do Jordão than sweet treats, and travellers are full of praise for the city’s fine dining options. La Galia is one of the must-visit restaurants, serving up succulent wild boar and mouth-watering fondue by candlelight.

Brazil may not always have the best reputation for vegetarian options but Campos do Jordão is the exception to the rule. This is one destination where herbivores are spoilt for choice, with places like Alquimia Restaurant and Quicherie Bistro serving up innovative and delicious meat-free food. For top food on your doorstep, book Hotel Estoril – recommended for its not one, but two highly-praised restaurants.

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