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A place with space for everyone

Homes give you the space you need to cook, socialise, and bring everyone together.

Great for groups and families

  • Everyone can stay in one place
  • Kitchens make it easy to prepare meals or snacks
  • Space to come together and room to be apart
  • More cost-effective than booking individual rooms

How does it work?

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Some of our favourite homes

Most booked homes

How does it work?

  • You’ll be able to communicate directly with your host to find out how to get your keys. Whether you meet them personally or simply use a lockbox, it’ll be easy for you to access your property and start enjoying your holiday!
  • You can always contact your host with any questions leading up to your trip. Perhaps you want to let them know what time you’re arriving or you have a special request – enjoy stress-free communication at all times.
  • Maybe you’ve always stayed in hotels and you’re not sure how to ‘check-in’ to an apartment or holiday home. Don’t worry, other guests have felt the same! That’s why hosts provide all the information you need to get you settled in.