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Italy's ancient capital is an architectural wonderland, with its many ruins depicting the stories of its vast empire which once spanned three continents. This open-air museum includes must-see monuments like the Roman Forum, Palatine Hill and the Colosseum. This former gladiator arena is the city's centrepiece, and conjures up dramatic images of the games once held here through its huge underground complex and multi-tiered seating. It's also worth a visit to the impeccably preserved Pantheon, which further portrays the Eternal City's golden age.

With over 900 churches and many breathtaking basilicas among them, Rome is also home to the city-state of the Vatican, the seat of the Catholic Church. St. Peter's Basilica is undoubtedly the tourism hotspot, but many treasures such as Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel and countless other masterpieces can be found inside the Vatican's captivating museums.

As with any city in Italy, the local cuisine varies from region to region. In Rome, the trademark dishes are 'cacio e pepe' – a simple but delicious pecorino cheese and pepper pasta recipe – and 'spaghetti carbonara'.

Other points of interest include the iconic Trevi Fountain, the Borghese Gallery, and the popular squares of Piazza Navona and Piazza di Spagna. When the weather is at its best between April and June, take a stroll through Villa Borghese park or hire a bike.


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Beautiful Birthday Trip to Rome

26 January 2016

My boyfriend and I have just returned from a 3night stay in Maison Giulia, we could not have asked for a more perfect location and a nicer little apartment for our long weekend. We stayed in Capo di Ferro 3 studio apartment which is just behind Campo Di Fiori, a little square which hosts a daily market and a few restaurants and bars (pricier than the side streets though). Our studio apartment was perfect, very quaint and a great size with everything we needed. On our arrival we were greeted by a very friendly and helpful receptionist who gave us lots of information about the surrounding area and recommended a restaurant for the night (Cantina E Cucina- very good). We were very lucky that our room was ready early so we could get out straight away. From our studio, we were able to walk to all of the main attractions, the furthest was the Colosseum at about 25mins walk. The Vatican is 45mins walk or a short bus ride away- the bustop is just 2 mins round the corner. Trastevere, a lively area with lots of restaurants & bars is a short 5min walk across the river and Piazza Navona is also within 10-15 mins walking distance. I would advise trying restaurants away from the main Piazzas purely because they tend to charge a premium for the location and the food is often not as good as elsewhere. We had great meals at Antica Biblioteca Valle which is 10mins walk away and also Cucina E Cantina. A good snacky pizza slice place is Alice which is a short walk away towards Piazza Venezia, they serve great tasting fresh slices of pizza for a few euros.

Sophie United Kingdom


26 January 2016

We liked being able to sit in the lovely weather and feed the seagulls and birds amongst the ruins. It's the simple things sometimes.... The Vatican was great and there were very few ques so I would highly recommend travelling to Rome during January...possibly with an empty suitcase to shop in the sales. Next time we would have organised the extra tour in the Colosseum and not have missed the last entrance by four minutes!! This was not clear on the website next to the closing times. Walk to the Trevi fountain at night after going to the Vatican museum (just use an audio guide). The Hard Rock Cafe was good for food and Jesus Christ Superstar was amazing (wait around afterwards to meet the cast) especially as it starred Ted Nealy from the original 1973 film. For dinner out... walk across the bridge past Piazza Venezia, check out a Benedictine monks church from before 500 ad and then go on to get some food (much cheaper here). Bring your student id if you have one to see if you can get a student rate discount. Use the bus and the metro from the airport (€1.50 and free for under 10's) and then splurge on a taxi on the return journey (€30) to take out the stress.

Alexandra United Kingdom

Great winter break

26 January 2016

We really enjoyed seeing the sights and soaking up the history of this amazing city ..We visited the coliseum which was awe inspiring, the forum which was incredible, then the Pantheon an amazing building and the Trevi fountain which did not disappoint. Only the Coliseum charged entry fee and the queues were shorter on Thursday than at weekend. Free entry the first Sunday every month for first 3000. There are wonderful buildings , churches and statues and fountains on most streets. The Planetarium and old baths were close to our hotel and well worth a visit It is easy to get around the city, we walked miles each day but public transport is easy. The ice cream the best we have ever tasted. Restaurants plentiful and mainly good, pizza excellent in bakery/bistro opposite Moses Fountain with lovely friendly staff. Life restaurant great. You will be pestered by mainly African street hawkers near all attractions, they can be pests. January weather was mid teens and mainly sunny so a good time to visit Flat comfy shoes recommended

maureen United Kingdom

My experience in Rome! 2016

20 January 2016

I did alot of walking and explored all around the city... my fav areas were in order, 1. The part of the city that is north/north east of Roma Termini (there r no metro St that serve this area, only on the border and you have 2 just walk north and explore (great/rich looking area and places to eat), next the area to the right of the Vatican (metro does serve this area) esp Piazza Cavour! And all surrounding roads... Next moving south of Vatican across river is an area called Trastevere which is very nice narrow streets and pizza galore! Then across the river in2 the old part of Rome (Jewish ghetto) and of course all the famous sights (history), the Pantheon is esp impressive... then down to the south is Colosseam and Palatine Hill which I didn't think was actually that great. There is also a street called Corsa? something like that, that cuts thru Rome and is shopping everything etc Thanks, D

Danny Spring
Danny Spring United Kingdom

The history and tourist attractions of Rome

29 January 2016

Highlights of our Rome trip included visits to the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Panthenon, we went to see the Pope (you need to book tickets even though they are free), St Peter's. Shopping is also great and the Piazzas are worth seeing. The Spanish steps were closed which was disappointing. Visiting the Vatican Museums is worth it just to see the Sistine Chapel. Rome is dirtier than I expected and there are a lot of street sellers trying to push selfie sticks and other gadgets, but you get used to that after a few days. The history and sights are awesome. Some great restaurants - we used Tripadvisor for recommendations and those that were rated above 4 didn't disappoint. We tried to avoid eating near major tourist attractions as prices tend to be higher. We didn't see any issues with pickpocketing, but I've heard so many stories that it's definitely good to be vigilant - I didn't take a purse out ever and had my cash and cards zipped into the inside pocket of my jacket. Good place to see the sights, but once you've done them, I'd leave and head for the smaller towns like Assisi or Lucca if you have time.

Julia New Zealand

Perfect break

28 January 2016

Eat: trastevere 100%. Do not eat in any touristy places. Trastevere has the best restaurants, look for where the locals are eating but you can't go wrong with trastevere. You can go very wrong in touristy areas. Clubbing: I like club coyote in the area testaccio. There are a strip of clubs, some at the beginning and more towards the end of the road. Mainly house music, and Latin I.e reggaeton, merengue which is my favourite. The beauty of Rome is that everything is to walk everywhere! I would avoid any touristy places to eat. If you want nice gelato, outside the colliseum, walk up the steps, you will see a road with a restaurant with an outdoor area, don't go to this one (it might be nice but I haven't been) go to the one next door which is on the corner and also has an outdoor area. They have very delicious gelato! Especially the cream, chocolate and nut flavour!!

Daniela United Kingdom

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