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A favourite of Shakespeare, beautiful Verona is the literary home of Romeo and Juliet. The medieval families of Montague and Capulet immortalised in the play did actually exist, and some buildings pertaining to them are still present. Among these is the place claiming to have been Juliet's house – not strictly true, but it’s still worth stepping out onto its pretty balcony.

But Verona is much more than the setting of a tragic love story. It’s also home to one of Italy’s best-preserved Roman amphitheatres: Arena di Verona. Dating back to the first century CE, this open-air space used to host festivals and gladiator battles. Today, it’s used exclusively for classic operas and pop music concerts, with stars such as Adele and Paul McCartney having graced its stage.

In Piazza delle Erbe, you’ll find more of the city’s sumptuous architecture, like the 12th-century Torre dei Lamberti bell tower, alongside vibrant cafés and a daily market that sells produce from around the province of Verona. Find a quiet corner and enjoy an espresso or glass of Veneto wine, before following the Adige River to the Museo di Castelvecchio, which houses paintings, sculptures and military weapons from the Middle Ages.

All this is just a 30-minute train journey from the stunning Lake Garda. To reach it, just head to Verona Porta Nuova station and jump on the train to Desenzano, where you can take a short bus ride to the lake.


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We just wanted to visit Verona for a day, have a sleep there...

24 October 2021

We just wanted to visit Verona for a day, have a sleep there and head to Venice the next morning. We did see everything in a day - we are not the kind of people who really want to visit museums - but when we left I got the feeling that I wanted to stay a little bit more like one more night just to stroll around and get a little bit more of Verona So we didn’t visit any museum not even the inside of the arena- not sure if we did good but we managed to see the whole city I think in about 5 hours. Castellvechio and bridge were our first stop I found it so romantic and beautiful. Next we went to see Juliet’s balcony but the line was like 30 meters so we didn’t want to waste an hour or so just waiting. We left with a promise to go back but we never did - wasn’t something I regret, though. Maybe I’ll see it next time I’m Verona. Our next stop was piazza delle erbe where we bought our souvenirs and had a quick espresso, tower lambert and then final destination was castel san pietro which was amazing. We also happened to be there on sunset and the colors of the city were magical it was like a fairytale. You get to see a breathtaking panorama of the whole city and if the colors of the sunset do you the favor do be like purple/pink I think you’ll fall in love with the scenery. It was a same we hadn’t book a table on the shop right down the bridge where you enjoy your wine with a view of the castle. We did go but everything was booked. Verona is such a beautiful city I think two days are ideal to see it and relax. However you can just see it half a day like we did if you want to visit other cities nearby also. It’s a city that gained its position in my heart

Ioanna Greece

Verona is the ideal city to live in, for those who look for...

19 October 2021

Verona is the ideal city to live in, for those who look for entertainment and History, as well as those who appreciate wine and tranquillity. There is a mixture of everything and you can enjoy a walk in the centre or a Spritz aperitif with friends. It's romantic and rich at the same time. Verona is wonderful all year round because it's near Garda lake and Venice and so easy to explore. We visited churches, Paizza Erbe, Paizza Bra, Castelvecchio, Porta Leoni, and finally Castel San Pietrro by night and it was astonishing. We went to eat at a restaurant out of the city to avoid chaos. We also went to Lazise, for a gelato by the Lake. I would certainly go again during the week, as at weekends squares and roads are overcrowded by tourists, but I wouldn't blame them.

Arabella United Kingdom

Everyone we communicated with was so friendly and obviously...

11 October 2021

Everyone we communicated with was so friendly and obviously happy that their beautiful city was open again for tourism, and Verona looked wonderful. We walked all over the City Antica, along the beautiful River Agide, saw white geese on a beach and loved the Ponte Pietra.

Anonymous Switzerland

Verona was just simply awesome and has replaced Florence as...

3 October 2021

Verona was just simply awesome and has replaced Florence as our best Italian city visited to date. The vibe and the people in general was just so pleasant and with a natural calmness about going about life. The food was great, and the city provides so much to do day time and night. We loved this city and the city loved us back!

Burger Italy

Verona is a small and very romantic city.

25 September 2021

Verona is a small and very romantic city. It is ideal for 2-3 days and can be easily combined with other destinations in Italy such as Venice and Bologna. The food is great in this city. Strolling around is the perfect way to see Verona. River Adige can offer you some amazing pictures.

Maria Greece

The whole historical district with its monuments and...

16 September 2021

The whole historical district with its monuments and buildings is very impressive. The museums are attractive. According to our expereience the restaurant La Greppia offers high quality to reasonable prices.

Maria Paula
Maria Paula Austria

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