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A city celebrated for its lively nightlife, top restaurants and delicious street food, Osaka combines dynamic development and longstanding traditions.

When cherry blossom season starts in spring, the city blooms with vivid pink. Take a walk along the Okawa River or through the extensive grounds of Osaka Castle for the best views. This 16th-century citadel overlooks scenic surroundings, and features an ancient collection of art, armour and everyday objects inside. Its eighth-floor observation deck boasts wonderful 360-degree views.

For more sweeping vistas amid lush scenery, head to the top of the 173-metre-tall Umeda Sky Building, whose two towers are linked at their summits by a beautiful ‘floating garden’.

Filling, tasty and affordable – street food is another of Osaka’s biggest attractions. Try Okonomiyaki, a local favourite that’s like a cross between a pancake and a pizza, or Takoyaki – grilled balls of batter with octopus chunks inside.

Osaka and Umeda train stations are linked by underground shopping centres, while the edgier enterprises of Shinsaibashi’s America Village appeal to a younger crowd. Down by the river, Dotonbori’s neon lights promote more shops and eateries considered to be among the best in the city.

Those wanting to travel from Osaka to Tokyo can do so by taking the bullet train from Shin-Osaka station, which also has a direct line from Osaka to Kyoto. The city airport serves only as a domestic terminal, although international flights depart from the regional Kansai Airport.


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Most popular time to visit November–January
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Osaka is no Tokyo, but still a lot of fun, and makes a great travel hub

13 December 2015

Osaka is a great place to visit in Japan, as it can connect you to so many different nearby areas. During our stay, we visited a lot of different popular shopping areas, including Dotonbori, Denden Town, Osaka Station, Namba Parks and the Namba Walk. The most interesting of which was probably Dotonbori for its variety and visually exciting shops. Getting around Osaka is incredibly easy, with the various rail lines in operation, as well as the Shinkansen, for easy access to many other places. My partner & I acquired the JR West pass for the duration of our trip, which made a day trip out to Himeji on the Shinkansen simple, and general getting around on the Osaka loop trivial. One thing to be aware of is the opening hours in Japan. Most things open after 10am, which left us fluffing around for a couple of hours as we got to our destination way too early. We also made a trip out to Universal Studios for a day, with the new Harry Potter area now opened. It was a lot of fun, but the queuing is intense. By 10:30am there was a 2 and a half hour line for the 4D Harry Potter ride, so get in there fast. Overall, Osaka was great. When we last visited Tokyo, we found it much more interesting, with much better shopping districts. But Osaka brings you much closer to many sightseeing spots, and tourist attractions. Would recommend.

Benjamin Australia

Many places to visit in Osaka, whether for sightseeing or...

29 January 2016

Many places to visit in Osaka, whether for sightseeing or shopping; you can find the list on the internet. Osaka castle is a must, visit Abeno Harukas in the evening, see architeture of shrines & temples, many shopping streets like Shin Saibashi, Dotonbori, Motomachi Chinatown, Umeda observation area in the evening, etc Universal Studio Osaka is performing Harry Potter, be there I bought another battery for Sony camera @ Yodobashi Umeda You can find many kinds of food everywhere Osaka transportation is easy by subway From here you can visit Nara in 1 day too or .. you can stay in Nara for 2 days. I planned to stay in Nara but there was a planning mistake so I didn't. People visit Kyoto, Kobe and stay in Osaka but I stayed in those cities to feel the city atmosphere

Budi Suwito
Budi Suwito Indonesia

Winter Grand Sale in Osaka

14 January 2016

In December (from Christmas till Japanese New Year), a Big Sale (up to 70%) in Osaka. Umeda is a modern area, like in Tokyo, many grand and huge buildings for shopping and eatery. The subway station and train station are connecting to shopping malls. It's very convenient and very big compound. The HEP Five shopping mall is crowded, people (mostly Japanese) non-stop to walk in and out, really a Grand Sale in Osaka. Namba Walk Exit B20, is a heaven of food. The best ramen I tried in Japan is the dragon ramen (金龙), 2nd is 一兰 ramen. The American Village doesn't have the crown face building anymore. The area is very complicated and Japanese are not politeness compare with other places.

Jin Malaysia

I want to go back!!

29 December 2015

I recommend eating at Kukuro in the Takoyaki Museum at Universal City Walk!! The takoyaki with cheese was delicious!! Ticket machines at stations have an English option. Many workers at stations can speak some English to help you out. The instant ramen museum in Ikeda is a fun trip!! You get to make your own cup noodles for 300 yen!! Next time, would give myself extra time to get around. I didn't get to spend enough time on Dotonbori or at Tsutenkaku.

Pamela Japan

Osaka - I shall return ! :-)

4 December 2015

Grab the Osaka Amazing Pass 2015 ( 1 day pass and 2 day pass ) available at the front desk of any hotel or at the Subway Train Station Office and enjoy the many facilities you can enter/use for free by showing the transportation pass. You can travel to the many facilities at your own pace and get to ride the Subway Train for free. Japanese people are basically friendly in nature and whenever we ask for directions on the sidewalk or at the train station, they will go out of their way to give advise and direction. So getting around Osaka is easy, you can get the english version of the Subway Train Routes so you will know where and when to get off the train and the Subway Ticket Machine is easy to use. Places must go to - Osaka Castle Museum, Osaka Castle Nishinomaru Garden, Osaka Museum of History, Floating Garden Observatory, Hep Five Ferries Wheel, Cruise Ship Santa Maria.

Jarvis Philippines

A Traveller's City

6 December 2015

Osaka is a wonderfully multicultural city in comparison to other cities we visited in Japan. I like that all signs and brochures came in Japanese, English, Korean and Chinese. More people spoke English then any other city we visited as well. I do speak Japanese but I'm not an expert so meeting in the middle with most conversations was nice. We stayed in Hommachi, a short walk from Shinsaibashi and Namba which were great for shopping and food. I highly recommend visiting Universal Studios, I didn't care if I couldn't understand Japanese Spidey, he needed my help. Truthfully though, Universal Studios was one of the best days we had here. Unfortunately as soon as we had all the subway systems figured out we changed cities. My partner and I are already forward looking to our return trip

Shari Australia

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