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Russia's prestigious capital holds its own on the global stage, with stunning architecture, museums and a variety of cultural offerings making it an enticing place to visit any time of year.

Set foot on the black cobblestones of Moscow's iconic Red Square and you'll be treated to a breathtaking panorama dominated by the Kremlin's extensive brick walls and St. Basil's Cathedral. This is the historic heart of the city, and where many festivals and celebrations take place. You'll also find the Lenin Mausoleum there, as well as The Monument to Minin and Pozharsky.

Moscow is also home to a wide array of museums and architectural highlights, including the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, the Flacon Design Factory and an armoury dating back to 1511. The city is no stranger to the arts either, with the Natalya Sats Musical Theatre offering experimental productions for all ages. You can also catch some world-class ballet and opera at the Bolshoi, a six-tier auditorium which has hosted performances since 1825.

The impressive Zaryadye Park is a great place to switch off for an hour or two, and features four different climate zones, an Arctic cave and an unmeltable glacier.


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Most popular time to visit December–February
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Local currency RUB 100 = £1
Language Russian
Average weekend price £33 per night
Average weekday price £34 per night
Typical stay 2 nights

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Intresting City for First Timers. A definite Eye opener!

11 January 2016

This was a virtually unknown country to many Singaporeans. Only seen or watched on television (Hollywood movies etc). Please do your homework before heading to moscow (map of the metro, how to get around, local culture etc) so as not to be ripped off or get into trouble. If you learnt abit of russian, reading the metro is straightforward and its easy to get around. (stations are beautiful and trains are efficient). It's Best to Print out the map of the Metro System with English translations as a guide! Red Square, kremlin and ГУМ (GOOM) are must-visits! While You're there at ГУМ you can head over to Столовая no.57 (Canteen no.57) for some good old soviet style dining at a very reasonable price with a good spread! Be prepared to spend the entire day at this location. Arbat Street is pretty okay to walk around as that place has many cafes etc to choose from but if your intention is to get a souvenir, best is to go to the shops towards the end of arbat street. price difference between the ones at the start compared to the end are Night and Day. (you can get cheap ones at the metro station Библиоте́ка и́мени Ле́нина (Biblioteka Imeni Lenina) Do note that if someone dressed in a costume wants to take a photo with you, kindly refuse and just walk away. Unless you'd want to get conned into paying up to a few hundred rubles PER picture. The All Russian exhibition Center or ВДНХ is another favourite. the metro station next to it also bears the same name. Expect to spend at least half a day there walking around. Victory park ( парк Победы) Is another of my must visits. The museum of the great patriotic war is located there. All places are easily accessed by the Metro and by foot. A shame that I did not visit Gorky park and the central armed forces museum as the weather got too cold and my traveling mate caught a fever!

Hongyao Singapore

Moscow will never let you down.

28 December 2015

Moscow is an incredible city in an unhuman scale. The most important is not to be afraid of the language or overwhelmed because of its monumentality and dare to take the subway. Then, your life is solved. You can reach any place. It is easy and cheap to move around because in the metro platforms you'll find basic indications with the name of the station in the Latin alphabet. The food in Moscow as all over Russia is great and healthy. You may stop at any little cafeteria and the result is good food. Also, most of supermarkets sell salads by kilo and other food you may take to your hotel (unless you are in a 5 star American chain). Even though you do not read or understand Russian, go to any of their large book store and look for the Art section. You'll find wonderful painting books, printed as I've never seen in the West. If you like icons, you'll be really surprised at what they have in print. Also, if you like to see icons, do not miss the Andrei Rublei museum. It is really a must. And if you are a fan of the space race, go to the Museum of Cosmonautics. You may spend a whole afternoon there walking between satellites, space suits, crafts and different vehicles of the Russian space race. Of course, you have to go to the Kremlin, and Tretyakov. Also.... is not that expensive as international indexes show. Of course if you do not book in a Radisson or Marriott.

Elida Argentina

The great Moscow city on a short visit

30 December 2015

Moscow is in a league of its own, very original, spirited, majestic and passionate in all forms of human en-devours & achievements. There are plenty of good places to go around and enjoy. It is a very big city however the central Moscow is an ideal place for tourists on a short term visit, most of the important and iconic places are accessible by a short walk and taxi. Metro network is gigantic however it takes time to understand the routes as there are too many lines/stations out here.Hop-on hop-off bus covers up all the must see places and its easy to get down and spend time at a preferred location. Red square, Kremlin, St Basil's Cathedral, Bolshoy theatre, state treryakov gallery, arabat street, cosmonaut museum are definitely the must see places. The city has a vibrant night life as the clubs are open till 6 am. People are friendly however one needs to make effort to communicate in language other than Russian so it helps to carry google translate or learn some Russian vocabulary in advance. It is on a median budget (not too cheap or too expensive) for a short vacation sans shopping.

sikands United Arab Emirates

Great city Moscow, but be aware of low safety standards...

10 January 2016

Great looking city in festive season, feeling happy to be part of this great city. The spectacle at the Bolshoy Theatre was a great experience. However, the personnel is very rude and offensive. Literary they mocked us our english language, making faces that we are unable to speak Russian. We did not descend to answer their rude behaviour. Our accommodation at Moscow Serviced Apartments in Novii Arbat almost ended in tragedy, since the building caught fire in early morning and we just escaped taking a lucky stair well that was not full with smoke. No alarm system, no smoke alarm, no sprinkler system. No paging system to order the evacuation of building, no fire wardens. Most of the people were looking down from their apartments to the fire brigade trucks trying to put out the fire. Other than that, the Moscow is still a great place (if you survive the challenges).

Gheorghe United Arab Emirates

Great country and Glorious City

10 January 2016

I like to dance Tango, I found so many venues to enjoy the dance there in Moscow .it is my favorite hobby. Also,I was able to visit museums and the Red Square. I went on a lovely cruise in Moscow river, that was fantastic. I went to Moscow again and saw snow for the first time. Using public transport was a great adventure to me and I was amazed with the very many patriotic and monumental Metro Stations with Glorious and Victorious monuments and statues that captured both historical and present triumph. Moscow could be the best city in Europe if Public transport have signs in English, not just in city center. I understand now why America and the west hate Russia so much .. it is envy as the Russians do have everything and the standard of living in Moscow is higher than that in some EU countries. There are new shops opened and new shopping centers when 80% of the shops are closed in Barcelona . There is a lot more I want to say about Rusiia and Moscow mainly positive but there isn't enought space here ))

Kameel Australia

Excruciatingly good

27 December 2015

I am a young black African who enjoys travelling, although a bit sceptical about coming to Russia yet I came to see how it is like and I don't regret it. It was during a very festive time thus I was able to enjoy Moscow's vibrant and colourful Christmassy decoration, It was very impressive to be honest. the downside of my trip came due to the fact that not many people could speak English only a few. but those few that could speak the language were very keen on chatting with foreign and they were the ones who gave me the best recommendations on what to do and where to go.There are plenty of classy and yet affordable restaurants to go, and normally if you are lucky, you may find a waitress that speak English in case you don't speak Russian. I would avoid calling for a taxi through the reception as it can be very expensive, taxi apps are available and provide you with better deals, always a good idea to try them out.

Charles United Kingdom

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