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New York City is somewhere that feels familiar before you even visit. Countless films and TV shows are shot here, so when we see the trademark yellow taxi cabs, the hot dog vendors or the dazzling lights of Manhattan, there's a strange sense of déjà vu. It's also home to what is arguably the world's most famous skyline, dominated by the Art Deco marvel of the Empire State Building. Constantly reinventing and setting new trends in fashion, food and art, the city is also a major hub for finance and trade, with the famous Wall Street at its core.

The city is split into the boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Staten Island, and each has its own unique character. Manhattan Island is home to the trendy neighbourhoods of Greenwich Village and SoHo, while Brooklyn features a Botanic Garden, the New York Aquarium and the famous Coney Island. A ferry from Battery Park to Ellis Island offers a great opportunity for some incredible views of the city, before reaching the fascinating Immigration Museum. You'll also sail past the iconic Statue of Liberty, with plenty of time to snap photos from all angles.

The city's Broadway shows are second to none, with a variety of major musicals proving the pick of the bunch. The giant green oasis of Central Park offers a perfect spot for a peaceful stroll, as well as featuring lakes, theatres and ice-skating rinks.

New York is served by three major airports: JFK, Newark Liberty International and LaGuardia, with public transport options available at each one.


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Most popular time to visit January–March
Cheapest time to visit September–November
Local currency US$10 = £7.36
Average weekend price £120 per night
Average weekday price £128 per night
Typical stay 3 nights

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28 January 2016

This was my 5th trip to NY but by far the best trip ever.!!! Get yourselves a New York City pass - WELL worth the upfront costs and saves the hassle of queuing up and waiting to pay. Fabulous value for money. Make sure you make every second count - plan your itinerary for each day that you're there and be prepared to run-hard for your duration to make every moment count - you'll thank yourself when you come home..!!! Book a helicopter tour - I booked on through a US-only Groupon offer through Manhattan Helicopter tours - they honoured the price to me even though I booked in the UK.! They were fabulous and were informative throughout the flight. Also if you've never been to NYC before do the helicopter trip on your 1st day, it's a brilliant way to get perspective and your bearings in NY from an aerial perspective. Go to the top of the new One Word trade centre - although you are inside the building, the views are off-the-scale amazing - 360 degree view of Manhattan and all the surrounding boroughs - right over to Long Island - Brooklyn, Harlem, George Washington bridge. My recommendation is do the trip at night, because you can order champagne in the restaurant at the top whilst admiring the views. Keep a check on the 7 days forecast before you go, check out things like visibility etc., so you can plan which high-rise landmarks you can go and visit on the days with the best view. Lots of restaurants in NYC do fabulous lunch menu's - we got a great deal at B&J Steakhouse $29 for a 3 course dinner menu and $23 for a lunch menu - seriously Fillet Mignon on the lunch menu as one of the main courses - the homemade soups were fabulous too.

JainyJain United Kingdom

NYC Rocks

17 January 2016

What I liked most about NYC is the vibe of the city, Manhattan is quite lively all the time. This year I have started to explore Brooklyn (a little bit) and I loved walking through the neighborhoods there. The walk on Brooklyn bridge is lovely in daylight and the view of the skyline is breathtaking at night from the DUMBO area. I have been to the MET (and I'm not really a museum person), but I loved it since it had something for everyone (check out the music section, quite impressive). For food, you need to check out Maamoun restaurant that sells best Shawerma and Falafel (I ate in one in Brooklyn, not sure if there are other branches). Also check out Pellegrino Italian restaurant in little Italy, they serve amazing food in which we were served by a very friendly and helpful server called Glen :) Need to see a Broadway show, I would recommend Mama Mia, (we have seen Chicago, but were not impressed compared to London's one) A must see during Christmas is Saks 5th Avenue show in front of Rockefeller. I would also recommend a one day visit to Washington DC (3 hours away by Amtrak train, better to book in advance for good rate), since it is close by, has a different relaxing vibe and can be easily explored in a day or two. What I didn't like in both my visits is the very cold weather (end of Dec, early Jan) which left me sick in both trips as I'm not used to such cold weather, however I would go there again if I could! :D

Soha Egypt

Amazing city can't wait to go back!

28 January 2016

New york is amazing! We purchased the new york city pass before we arrived which includes top 6 attractions which is deffinatly worth it! We went to empire state building and top of the rock & natural history museum one day an statue of liberty, air and space museum and 9/11 another day! The subway is hard to get your head around at first because you need To know weather you are going uptown or downtown and read the map properly, its easy to get on the wrong train! Get the unlimited subway pass for $32 lasts a week cause you will use the subway more Than you think once you have the hang of it its easy to get to places as you can imagine NY is a large city! Some of the shops on 5th ave are located just off it so use google maps to locate which stores you wish to visit! I would also recomend coming up with a rough scedule for your stay as its so tiring so we were shattered by 8pm!! Ate in a really nice restaurant called scatto and also go to The View restaurant and lounge its on 48th floor and its a revolving restaurant has some amazing views! It is expensive we had one cocktail and after 8pm theres an $8 entrance fee pp if you are not staying at the marriot hotel which is wheres is located on times squ! But for a special occassion deffinetly worth it! I was a bit dissapointed with the shopping it seems NY isnt cheap anymore the Louis Vuitton bag i wanted was £300 more expensive than the Uk! But raid every victorias secrets you come across theres no tax and amazing beauty products and sports wear!

Christy United Kingdom

Awesome Experience In The Big Apple

24 January 2016

In the seven days I was here I was able to see the places I had planned. This being the Empire State Building Levels 86 &102. I recommend to allow 3-4 hours & to also go to Level 102 where it is less crowded & is enclosed but surprisingly get a different angle on the view where on Level 86 there is an outside & enclosed viewing area. Its also very cold up there in winter. The Metropolitan Museum is a huge building where you could spend in excess of four hours but get there early if you don't have a prepaid ticket. The Twin Towers Memorial Site is another attraction that could taken in excess of four hours to properly see. Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island could also take in excess of four hours. All these locations I recommend u have pre-paid tickets to avoid the queues. Also if you interested in Broadway Show there discounted tickets up to 50% available at varying times during the week at a place called TKS situated in Times Square behind the large staircase. But one thing if you don't like the cold don't come in winter as temps range from 5 above to -7 below 0c not including the wind chill which makes it uncomfortable moving around NYC. There are plenty of places to get food. Times Square is an attraction itself with all the advertising lights & LED bill boards certainly an eye opener. Also the best way to get around as the city is huge is by the subway. If u get a $30 ticket for 7 days u get unlimited travel. Trains travel every 10mins & are mostly clean & efficient.

Greg Australia

For a short break or longer stay New York will be everything you're expecting and more.

28 January 2016

New York is a city of the world, cosmopolitan in all the best senses of the word, welcoming and exciting. Combining the subway with walking is the best way to get around, the High Line is a particularly pleasant and unusual walk. Manhattan is surprisingly compact and there's always something worth seeing or doing. Great restaurants and bars in Greenwich Village, some are hidden - the Cafe Gitane in the Jane Hotel is well worth seeking out - and the Bedford Avenue/Greenpoint area of Brooklyn really comes to life at night with a young, lively crowd. Try Paulie Gees for delicious, crisp light pizzas with fresh and original toppings and the host taking a real interest in all his customers: "If you're happy, I'm happy!" Some tourist sites are better experiences than others - the view from the top of the Empire State Building on a crisp bright day is uniquely fantastic and well worth the queue, the Circle Line boat trip is very interesting and good value, the trip round or to the Statue of Liberty however is not really the experience that the truly massive, seemingly endless queues would lead you to expect. Try the Statten Island Ferry instead - a short wait for an interesting and free ride (don't worry about the largish crowd in the terminal, the ferries are very big and you'll find everyone fits on).

Mark United Kingdom

NYC baby

19 January 2016

New York was a dream come true! The shopping was AMAZING and everywhere was very easy to get around as I bought the adult metro card for one weeks travel and it only cost me $32! That's for the subway and the bus and unlike London they don't have zones for the buses so you could travel anywhere! I took advantage of that and managed to go from Manhattan to Brooklyn, Harlem, queens, flushing and Roosevelt, Bronx, Hastings and Hartsdale! And I didn't have to pay an extra penny! Their travel system is easy to get around and very efficient. The red lobster restaurant in Times Square was the best food I've ever had and the service was immaculate. Try to visit Macy's on Harold square its MASSIVE and try to see a show on Broadway they have a variety of shows to choose from...I decided to watch The Colour Purple on Broadway and it was excellent! It was a bit pricy as Jennifer Hudson was in the cast and many celebrities came to support her...I had Michelle Williams from Destinys Child sat right behind me! But I would definitely pay to see it again! It was very funny, inspiring, cultured and emotional everything I could've asked for. A fabulous fabulous night.

Rhiann United Kingdom

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