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New York City is somewhere that feels familiar before you even visit. Countless films and TV shows are shot here, so when we see the trademark yellow taxi cabs, the hot dog vendors or the dazzling lights of Manhattan, there's a strange sense of déjà vu. It's also home to what is arguably the world's most famous skyline, dominated by the Art Deco marvel of the Empire State Building. Constantly reinventing and setting new trends in fashion, food and art, the city is also a major hub for finance and trade, with the famous Wall Street at its core.

The city is split into the boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Staten Island, and each has its own unique character. Manhattan Island is home to the trendy neighbourhoods of Greenwich Village and SoHo, while Brooklyn features a Botanic Garden, the New York Aquarium and the famous Coney Island. A ferry from Battery Park to Ellis Island offers a great opportunity for some incredible views of the city, before reaching the fascinating Immigration Museum. You'll also sail past the iconic Statue of Liberty, with plenty of time to snap photos from all angles.

The city's Broadway shows are second to none, with a variety of major musicals proving the pick of the bunch. The giant green oasis of Central Park offers a perfect spot for a peaceful stroll, as well as featuring lakes, theatres and ice-skating rinks.

New York is served by three major airports: JFK, Newark Liberty International and LaGuardia, with public transport options available at each one.


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Most popular time to visit October–December
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Average weekend price £206 per night
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Typical stay 3 nights

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I cant really think of anything I liked about NYC.

20 January 2022

I cant really think of anything I liked about NYC. Dirty. Mean people. Terrible food. Trash is literally everywhere. Loose trash blowing all over the streets, in giant piles on the street to be picked up. Even in winter the smells are terrible and I can't smell all that well. Quite possibly the worst city I have been to ever. I've been all over the world and Port auPrice Haiti in 1983 was far nicer than NYC. Hell all the cities I've been to are better than NYC. NYC has been on a multi generational hype train that needs to be derailed. The people there say they love it. They are like abused spouses who say they love the person who is beating them up and can't leave them. There is quite a bit wrong with NYC and the only thing worth seeing there is the MET. That is it. In conclusion NYC the city sucks and is full of garbage. The people generally suck and are mean. The food is terrible (you want good food go to Portland Oregon). culturally there is really nothing NYC has to offer beyond the MET unless you are into over priced musicals.


We spent each day venturing out to a different area of the...

17 January 2022

We spent each day venturing out to a different area of the city. First day was Times Square (very touristy, a lot going on, but a must-see for every first-time visitor), day two Greenwich Village (quaint, small shops, cafes), day three was Chelsea (Chelsea Market and High Line park are must sees), then SoHo (Little Italy, China Town, shopping, packed sidewalks, quintessential New York) for our last day. Each area has it's own personality, each of us in my group had a different favorite area. ****We were there mid-January 2022- Masks were required EVERYWHERE. Every hotel, restaurant, store, and museum has security at the door and will ask for your vaccination card and ID upon arrival. If you are not fully vaxxed, you will not be doing much in the city.

Traci United States

This was my first time spending more than a day in NYC.

11 January 2022

This was my first time spending more than a day in NYC. We had a lot of sightseeing to do. Most of our trip was a walking tour of Manhattan. Buses and trains were easily available, but we seldom needed to use them. We loved all the diverse food choices and easy access to great restaurants. Being there for Christmas and New Year's was interesting. Great to see all the decorations and displays.

Dennis United States

Love the attractions in the city.

10 January 2022

Love the attractions in the city. The food is good and the people are really friendly. Security and police officers are the best and very helpful. The architecture, history, museums, shows and culture makes New York City a magical place!

Crystal United States

We had a great time - of course our time in NYC was so easy...

9 January 2022

We had a great time - of course our time in NYC was so easy as my daughter and her husband live in Harlem and led us all over New York and the subway system. Getting around was easy with them. Loved the fact that you can just tap your credit card on the subway.

nelsontravis United States

There’s a tremendous amount of walking and very few subway...

5 January 2022

There’s a tremendous amount of walking and very few subway stations are equipped for handicapped people. While prices are much higher than home, we were almost always able to find affordable options. The pageantry of the City at Christmas was breath-taking.


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